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Daily Challenge Thursday 18th June

Go Wild and make a collage out of natural materials!

For this activity, you only need something flat to place your materials on and whatever is around you!  Miss Clements used a plain pillow case, but cardboard or paper would be fine too. The materials are placed on your background without any glue.  At the end, take a photo of your collage as a memory, and then return all the pieces back to nature.

Miss Clements's top tips: "Try to use things that nature has a lot of or has finished with, rather than flowers which the bees will still want to use.

You may have an idea already in your head about what you might want to make.  If you don't, have a play and place the materials one at a time on your background, moving them about until either you form a shape, or something that speaks to you as a picture.

We chose to make a dragon fly, bugs, trees, the sun and a hedgehog on our collages.

It's great fun to do, costs nothing but time and will put a big smile on your face when you've done it.  Have fun!"


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