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e-books and Home Learning Support

There are a number of companies who have begun to provide free online resources for home learning in the past week or so. One of these is Collins - parents and carers can now access Collins Big Cat e-books for free from their reading programme. All you need to do is go to the Collins website , click on the Teacher Portal and enter the username and the password Parents20! You will then be able to select the appropriate colour band and access a range of books.

Collins are also offering further support for home learning, such as, a multiplication tables tool and worksheets, activities and quizzes.

Phonics Play have also made their website free to use for everyone. They are currently running two websites - their old one and an updated one. Simply login to either with the username march20 and the password home. On their websites, you will find teaching ideas and printable phonics resources.

Twinkle are making their resources free for a month. Simply go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. For a collection of interactive Go! resources, organised by age and subject, visit

To find out more about resources for home learning, please refer to the new Home Learning section of the Parsons Down Partnership Website.


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