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Eco-Schools Update

The eco-committee have been very busy over the last few weeks. We have decided on our actions for this year and ran our own class assemblies to get everybody’s ideas.

  1. Biodiversity. We are planning a special day in the spring term when everyone can learn more about what biodiversity means. We want to make animal homes and create information sheets about how to look after wildlife, especially hedgehogs. We also want to plant seeds to grow plants that will attract bees and insects to our school.

  2. Marine. There is lots of plastic in our oceans and this is very dangerous for the animals that live there. We want to try and get people to use less single use plastic in school and are going to start by surveying lunchboxes to see what kinds of plastic is being used every day. We also want to encourage everyone to look after the beach when they visit and not leave their litter in the sea.

  3. Transport. We want more children to walk, ride or scoot to school. We also want to plant more hedges and trees to reduce pollution around the school. Look out in the next newsletter and on the website for information about our no idling policy. Please don’t leave your engine running when you come to school in the car.

As well as our new actions, we are still recycling pens, crisp packets and food waste. We are also doing litter picks at lunchtime and have energy monitors to turn off the lights and smartboards when nobody is using them.

Lottie and Victoria



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