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Eco-Schools Update

On Wednesday 17th March, Miss Shepherd lead the eco-schools assembly and updated everyone on our Action Plan. After Easter, it is hoped we can start regular lunchtime litter picks to help keep our school grounds clean and tidy. The children were reminded of our school council’s agenda of raising expectations and showing respect, not just to other people but also for the school environment. They were reminded to put litter in the bin and use reusable containers for snacks whenever possible. Each class has been tasked with nominating two children to be Litter Monitors. These children will take turns to litter pick at lunchtime each week.

Our Year 6 Eco-Councillors, Thomas and Daniel, are busy writing letters to Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Lewis, trying to persuade them to install water butts in the garden and organise recycling bins for food, metal and plastic in school. They are also writing to Mrs. Bull to find out more information about the building work and the decisions being made about taps.

The staff and children’s efforts to increase the amount of outdoor learning was celebrated. It has been wonderful to see Maths and Phonics lessons being taken outside and Year 1 planting in their outside space. Year 2 and Year 6 have been extremely busy clearing the garden area of dead leaves and weeds. They have done a super job so far this term and we hope the garden will be ready for planting after the Easter holidays.

The children’s efforts with the Eco-Project at home were also celebrated. It was fantastic to see so many children participating in the Eco-Schools’ agenda even while learning remotely.

Finally, the children were told about the Busta Bakes competition, which links very well to the eco-project task of using up leftovers to make a dish. If your child would like to take part, full details can be found here: Busta Bakes Competition


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