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Eco-Schools Update

Switch Off Fortnight was a huge success and we are planning to save more energy in the future! Monitors made sure that lights and other electrical equipment were turned off when they weren’t being used. Our final energy audit showed a difference of -4.4KWh over a 24 hour period. If we keep this up over the year it could be a difference of -858KWh. We will continue to have monitors in each class and in the shared areas like the computer suites.

Our Top Tips for saving energy are:

· Turn off lights when you leave the room

· Turn off computers and TVs when you are not using them

· Turn down the heating a bit

· Unplug your chargers when your device is fully charged

Next we are looking forward to finding out about Wateraid and having our Water Warriors Day, where we will be finding out about the importance of water and thinking of ways we can conserve it.

Ben and Poppi, Eco Councillors


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