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Free Resources From Twinkl Throughout School Closures

Throughout the school closures, Twinkl will, once again, be offering free support, tools and resources to parents. Twinkl Go! is a collection of thousands of interactive educational resources which can be accessed and completed on any device, with no apps to install.

You can also access their Home Learning Hub where you will find daily, FREE activities for different age groups and subjects. New content will be added each day. To support the BBC content, Twinkl will be providing aligned resources to use each day. This will be shared in their Home Learning Hub.

Twinkl Newsroom delivers the news for kids today. Their daily kids’ news reports are child-friendly and a perfect way to help your child explore the news. Each news report comes with a range of curriculum-friendly teaching resources.

If you’re looking for more daily ideas, Twinkl Imagine provides a new image each day to promote discussion and in-depth learning. With ideas for all ages, you’ll find new activities and teaching ideas every day.

For more information, take a look at the Twinkl Online Learning Blog.


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