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Half Term P.E. Challenge

The aim of Paula's Two-15 Challenge is to each complete 2hours and 15 minutes of activity over the half term (this is a nod to Paula Radcliffe's former marathon world record). Each person in the family aims to complete 2 hours 15 minutes of activity during the week. You could take the family on a walk for 30 minutes, which would be 30 minutes toward each of your targets (it is not 1 hour 30 minutes if 3 of you completed it), you could dance around in the kitchen to music for an hour. Keep a record of the time you have completed and then complete the online form.

See the following link for more information and ideas:

If you wish to join in, please complete the online form by the 22nd February.

Please make sure you are following COVID guidelines when completing activities.

Thanks, Mrs Hoskins.


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