Hedgehog Minstead Day 1

Blog 16.03

After a straight forward journey, we arrived in sunny Minstead and met Jenny who welcomed us into the centre. We were shown our bedrooms and given the very important task of making our beds and unpacking.

We then explored the grounds and stopped for a delicious picnic lunch. In the afternoon, we set off on our walk into the New Forest. We spent 3 hours exploring the biodiversity of the local area and had a special ceremony where we were given new names and necklaces to show these. When we arrived back at the centre, we had time to relax in our dormitories before dinner. The children enjoyed pizza and wedges and jelly and ice cream for pudding! They each had a job to do to and the adults enjoyed having their food served and their dishes cleared away for them!

We are now sat in the classroom filling out our journal for the day. We will be finishing the evening with a lantern parade and campfire in the roundhouse. Fingers crossed for a good night sleep and some more sunshine tomorrow!


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