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Help Create A Lockdown Wood

Would you like to see something positive come out of the Coronavirus pandemic? Would you and your family like to help increase the number of trees in West Berkshire?

A local Facebook group are working alongside Friends of the Earth to create a 'Lockdown Wood' to commemorate the hardships we have faced this year due to COVID-19. They are looking for members of the public to pot up any tree saplings they may find in their garden and nurture them until this winter or next (depending on maturity) until they can plant them out together to form a new wood.

The aim is to dedicate the entire wood to the memory of this difficult and painful period of the coronavirus pandemic. You are also invited to dedicate your own tree to loved ones who have been affected or sadly died as a result of covid19.

This project will also help to reduce climate chaos by growing beautiful carbon absorbing trees!

Woodland Trust Guide To Trees


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