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Minstead Day 2

Minstead Study Centre is once again sprinkling some New Forest magic. The children have seen shooting stars, deer and thoroughly explored the local area.

Last night staff were treated to a very tuneful campfire session.

This morning they woke early and were raring to go. After breakfast the first activity was exploring the New Forest. There was a snack stop halfway round and they munched a homemade biscuit whilst admiring the scenery.

This afternoon they have set humane traps to find out more about some of the quieter, nocturnal wildlife that lives in the grounds. They'll open the traps tomorrow morning.

Tonight will hopefully be a quieter evening as they snuggle down with a hot chocolate and reflect upon their Minstead adventure so far.

They are due to leave Minstead after lunch tomorrow and should be back in school at the end of the school day 😊


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