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Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day took place on Thursday 20th May and it was fantastic to see the whole Partnership engaged in their learning outside. The blustery, damp weather did not deter spirits and children enjoyed a range of learning activities including: wild reading; observational drawings; World War 2 drama; outdoor measuring; team building challenges; campfire cooking and testing hypothesis linked to our measurements.

Evie in Year 3 recalled, “I really enjoyed the maths hunt, where we had to solve the clues to gain letters and find the missing word. It was a really fun maths lesson.”

Year 6 pupils Maisie and Chloe shared the highlights of their day when they explained, “We loved the world war two drama and imagining what life was like for a child during the air raids.”

As part of our work for eco-schools, each class is being encouraged to get outdoors more and work with their teachers to plan outdoor learning sessions. We are looking forward to taking part in 30 Days Wild in June.


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