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Recycling to make our school more environmentally friendly!

The members of the school Eco-Committee conducted a school audit and highlighted waste as an area of their action plan. From this, we have had a discussion and decided to do more recycling in our school. As a school, we use a lot of pens and we were worried about the plastic waste we were making. In addition, we recognised that a lot of children have crisps at lunch time and this was creating more plastic waste.

After Christmas, there will be a box for pen recycling and a box for crisp recycling in each junior class. There will also be a crisp packet recycling station in each school hall. We would like all children to recycle their crisp packets and finished pens to cut down plastic waste. By becoming more environmentally friendly, we will also be helping our planet. Look out for the recycling stations after Christmas.

Written by Izzy and Joe


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