Rhos Update Thursday 9th September

The children have enjoyed their last full day of activities with 3 groups heading to the mine to try and dodge the forecasted rain, 2 groups canoeing across Lake Bala and exploring a local gorge. That left one final group to brave the mountain walk.

The packing process has now begun and kit had to be returned, tidying and sorting started before the children get to celebrate everyting they have achieved at the last night disco. This includes a long awaited visit to the shop so they can spend their pocket money (all included in the trip cost)

Hopefully this will wear them out for a peaceful last night. When the children wake tomorrow it’s a busy morning of packing, tidying and hopefully reuniting a very large pile of lost property with their owners 😉🤞🤣

They are due to leave Rhos at 10am, will stop on the way for a picnic lunch and are scheduled to arrive back at 3pm (as stated on our letters) This is heavily reliant upon their packing skills and traffic 😬

We will update families via Schoolcomms if the arrival time will change significantly. As it is a normal school day at PDP there will be no parking on site unless they are delayed beyond 3.30pm. We usually disembark from the coaches in groups, grab any bag from the bus and then assemble in our groups outside the Y6 classrooms to hand children and medicine back to parents. Families can then collect luggage from the playground.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a a small snapshot of the trip via the blog. We’ve certainly had an increase in website traffic. This will be our last blog of the trip.

Sleep well and it won’t be long until we’re all reunited ❤️


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