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SCARF at Home unit 4 now ready

Your latest SCARF at Home resources are now on the Coram Life Education website.

About SCARF at Home

  • Age-appropriate home learning – no password needed for parents.

  • Cover key concepts and outcomes within SCARF’s half-termly units; activities to encourage children to think and reflect.

  • Focus on positive themes that are safe for parents to discuss with their child, avoiding unsafe subjects.

  • Set 4 is based on the SCARF Rights and Responsibilities half-termly unit. Themes covered: rights and responsibilities, money, taking care of the environment.

  • Avoid, for the most part, the need for resources other than pencil and paper (home-printer not essential).

Harold's getting ready for World Book Day!

March 4th is World Book Day. Harold’s Daily Diary will feature this event with some exciting new ways to help children develop a love of reading.


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