Share Your Eco Work

I thought it would be nice to share some of the photos of the eco work that has been done so far. There are more on the Eco-Schools From Home page on the school website.

Work can be shared via the year group email addresses:

We are still accepting Eco Pledges as well - this was set as a Daily Challenge last week. Here are some ideas for pledges - Eco Pledge Ideas.pdf

There is also a limited amount of time to send in your Eco-Code entry - the deadline is this Friday (8th May).

For Eco-Schools, the children also need to share the things they have learned about Energy, Waste and Water with parents/carers and the wider community. This is a bit of a challenge during lockdown! If you have shared your work with neighbours by, for example, putting up a hand made poster about recycling in your window, then please send in a photo of the poster in place - preferably with the lovely smiling creator of the poster alongside it.

We are now on our final step with Eco-Schools and once we have gathered enough evidence, we can apply for our Green Flag. We just need to evaluate what we have done, spread the word amongst the community and choose our Eco-Code.

Thanks everyone,

Stay safe, stay happy, stay green 💚!

Miss Hargood.


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