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Single-Use Plastic at PDP

Our Eco-Council have been working hard to achieve Plastic Free Schools status this year and we’ve done it! As part of this, they would like to discourage people from using 3 single-use plastic items in school - clingfilm, plastic bottles and plastic bags. We politely request that from September these items are no longer brought into school.

We understand that this will require a change for many parents and carers but these items can easily be swapped for alternatives.

Instead of using a single-use water bottle, use a more robust refillable one that will last. This will save on money in the long run.

Instead of using a single-use plastic bag, invest in a sturdier alternative that can be used many times over. Perhaps this could be purchased second-hand to gain even more eco points!

Instead of clingfilm, try beeswax wraps, fabric wraps or a range of different sized containers.

Many thanks for supporting our Eco-Schools actions.


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