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Switch Off Fortnight

Before the Christmas break, our Eco-Committee wrote their Action Plan and decided on the 3 Eco-Schools topics that they will focus on: Waste, Energy and Water. This week, they have already begun taking action on Waste and Energy. On Tuesday, crisp packet recycling bins were put in each school hall for the children to use at lunchtimes. At the Junior School, the children have also made crisp packet recycling boxes to put their empty crisp packets in at break time. When we have a good box full at each school, the PDSA will send the packets off to Terracycle and receive funding in return!

For our Energy Topic, we will be taking part in Switch Off Fortnight between Monday 13th and Friday 24th January. Our Eco-Committee performed a full audit across the Partnership on Thursday lunchtime, counting the number of electrical items (such as, lights, Smart Boards and computers) that were left on, off or on standby. On Monday, we will have monitors who will be responsible for switching these off in classes and communal areas when not in use. At the end of the fortnight, we will do a second audit and assess whether our actions have had an impact.

We also have plans for our Water topic. Our actions for this will commence in the second half of the Spring Term. On Tuesday 25th February, there will be assemblies presented by a Water Aid volunteer. On the following Friday (28th February) we will have a Water Warriors Day (more information to follow).


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