Ultimate STEM Challenge: A Home For Nature

The Ultimate STEM challenge is back and this year it aims to immerse pupils in the theme of biodiversity! The decline of biodiversity has a dramatic effect on all living creatures, including humans, and the way they interact. That's why this year’s Ultimate STEM Challenge invites young people across the UK to get creative and design a home for nature, using natural and technical solutions, to improve biodiversity in their local community.

The challenge is open to pupils across the UK and the entries will be judged by age group. The competition is open to ages 9-11 and 11-14 and can be entered individually or as a group. There are fantastic prizes for the winning pupil(s) and their school. The pupil/team with the most creative and innovative design will win £3,000 to bring that home for nature to life, while the runners up will receive £1,000 each to make their designs a reality. Competition closes on 3 March 2021.

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