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Water Warrior Day

As part of our Eco project in school, we organised an exciting Water Warrior Day across the Partnership. Children were encouraged to wear their own clothes to school, preferably something blue, and donate £1.00. Altogether the final count is yet to be confirmed, it looks like we raised a considerable amount for the charity, WaterAid.

As well as raising funds for this worthwhile charity, it was also our aim to use Water Warrior Day to educate the children more about issues linked to water. There was a range of activities planned across the Partnership including: creative poster making to help save water; PE which reflected the long, heavy walk to fetch water; fixing a water vessel with a hole in it so it could carry water again; water inspired art; using scientific processes to clean dirty water and understanding the issues linked to flooding and drought.

The day was fun-packed and the children thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities they took part in. There was a high-level of learning as well as an honest reflection about how lucky their lives are compared to children in different countries. The children’s quotes summed up how successful Water Warrior Day was!

“Today is important because children don’t have water so I gave them £1 to save their lives.” Izzy, year 1.

“I liked it when we tried to fix a bucket. We had to try and seal it. Then we had to test it by carrying water around outside on the playground.” Dilan & Layla, year 2.

“We did PE and the beanbags and the hoops were the water. The box was heavy and it felt like water when we lifted it up.” Harry, year 3.

“I like the watery art we’re doing – it’s fun!” Amber & Zena, year 4.

“I enjoyed making the cleanest water!” Ashton, year 5.

“I’ve learnt children around the world aren’t as lucky. We’re lucky to have clean water. The life of a child with no water is hard.” Charlotte, year 6.


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