World Book Day

During World Book Day this year the children and staff enjoyed a variety of activities across the Partnership which proved highly successful and enjoyable for everyone who was involved.

Year 3 joined with Year 1 and spent time reading books together. It was great to see how confident the older children were reading stories to the younger children and the concentration and excitement in the room.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the end of the day to share a story. The feedback from parents, who were able to come and listen to stories being read, was very positive with one parent saying “I would love to do this more often. It was really enjoyable”.

The time that parents and children spent in the Junior School hall at the book swap was also very successful with children excited about the books they could take home.

A very big thank you goes to the PDSA for providing refreshments and making the World Book Day Café such a great success.

We hope you have remembered to use the £1 book token and your child has a great new book to read.


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