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Writing Competitions

Reading Cloud are running two competitions at the moment. The first is a creative writing competition with a winner being chosen every 2 weeks until 10th July 2020. This is a great opportunity for children to use their imaginations and share their own stories. It will help them to forget the confines of their home for a little while and exercise their creativity. If they could go absolutely anywhere right now, where would that be and why?

Each winner will receive a certificate, a £25 National Book Token e-voucher and their winning entry will be published on the Reading Cloud website and shared on social media for all to read.

The second competition is a book review. Children can choose any book that they have read and set out the review in any way they choose. The deadline for this competition is 30th June 2020. Winners will receive a Star Reviewer certificate, a National Book Token worth £15 and winning entries will be published on the Reading Cloud website.

Please email entries to your year group email address for submission.


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