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Year 2 Learn About Fairness and Equality

This term Year 2 have been learning about Rosa Parks and exploring the ideas of fairness and equality. On Tuesday 28th January we had a minibus on the playground and the children learnt first hand what it was like to be treated unfairly. 

They were each given a coloured bib to wear. The colour of their bib determined whether or not they could sit on the bench or had to stand and wait at the bus stop. It also determined where they sat on the bus and whether or not they had to stand up to give someone with a different coloured bib their seat. The children concluded that it was unfair to treat people differently because of the colour of the bib they wore and said they felt angry when they were not treated the same as their classmates.

However, the children also discussed equity and although they were glad once it was decided they could sit anywhere on the bus regardless of their bib colour they also recognised that some people might need a seat more than others, such as the elderly or a person with a disability.

The experience certainly sparked some very thoughtful conversations and the Year 2 teachers were proud of the children's compassion and understanding.

Thank you to Trinity for loaning us the bus and to Mrs Ord for picking it up and dropping it off.


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