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Year 6 Residential Day 1

The children (and staff) have arrived safely at Rhos Y Gwaliau to begin their week long adventure in North Wales.

They are busy exploring the centre, unpacking, making beds before they are issued with their kit for the week (waterproofs, rucksacks, walking boots) They will then sample their first home cooked meal before heading out for a nightwalk in the local area.

First night is always the trickiest but they will all sleep (eventually) Tomorrow will be their first full day of activities when the fun and adventure begins. The children have been split into 4 activity groups and will be allocated an instructor as well as a member of Parsons Down staff who they will spend the week with. We'll update you daily via the blog with updates each evening (technology allowing). This will include a photo of each group and a brief update.

Enjoy the peace and quiet and before you know it they'll be home :)


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