Year 4 Learning - The Gunpowder Plot

October 13, 2017

This term we have been reading and learning with Miss Buckett about The Gunpowder Plot. Have you heard the saying “Remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.”

Here are the main events of this shocking story……


  • John Wright, Thomas Percy, Thomas Wintour and Guy Fawkes planned to blow up House of Lords on 5th of November 1605 with 34 barrels of gunpowder so they could have their freedom.

  • A girl called Eliza was staying with her friend Lucy.

  • After church the two girls followed John Johnson (who was actually Guy Fawkes in disguise) to a mysterious cellar and thought that the barrels in there were full of wine.

  • When they got back they discovered Mouser the cat was covered in coal.

  • That night they followed Mouser into another dark, cold cellar.

  • The next day the two girls and their family received an anonymous letter telling them there will be danger.

  • The family guards went to look and found Guy Fawkes in the cellar of the Houses of Parliament with matches, firewood and the barrels of gunpowder!

  • Guy Fawkes was taken to the tower of London to explain himself and jumped to his death before his public execution.


I think Guy Fawkes was a bad person because he tried to blow up Houses of Parliament and kill anyone who didn’t let him have his freedom.I found this story interesting because there were some calm bits and some exciting bits combined together.


Today on November the 5th we mark the anniversary and many people light bonfires and fireworks to represent the gunpowder plot.


 Written by Jessica A, Ashmore Class



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