Year 4 Learning - Electricity

October 19, 2017

This term Greenham Class and year 4 have been learning about electrical circuits. We have been learning that for an electric current to happen there must be a circuit. If there is a break anywhere in the circuit the electricity cannot flow. A light will not go on if the electricity cannot flow.


A circuit is made by linking electrical things together by pieces of wire cable.

Materials like copper and metal are called conductors, and they conduct electricity and allow it to flow easily around a circuit. Rubber and plastic are called insulators and they don’t allow electricity to pass through them, this protects people for getting electric shocks.


We have also learnt about electrons. Electricity is a flow of electrons around a circuit. When they move they carry energy from one place to another place. Electrons make lights turn on and other electrical items like fridges, televisions and chargers for mobile phones.


During last week in groups we practised putting together circuits using wires, cables and a light bulb. We used a battery for power to send electrons to the light bulb. We all tried different ways to connect the bulb to the battery using the wires and cables to show how a circuit works and also how it does not work. When I got home I could understand how the lights in the house work.


Written by Lily JD, Greenham Class

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