Year 4 Learning - Water Cycle

March 30, 2018

Really old ground water is called fossil water. Have you ever wondered what happens to rain when it hits the ground? To find out more about this fascinating process about the water cycle, read on.


First, the sun warms any wet surfaces such as ponds, lakes, rivers and puddles. As a result the water turns into a gas called water vapour. The water vapour rises into the air.


Next, as water vapour rises into the air, it cools into water droplets and forms a cloud.


After, water vapour has joined together to form a cloud, the cloud becomes heavy. Water falls in the form of rain, but it could be sleet or snow.


Finally, the water collects in ponds, rivers, puddles and the sea.


Hopefully, you know more about the water cycle, particularly the four main parts evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. The water cycle never ends for example, if you leave the tap on for a while and switch it off the water will go down the pipes and fall into the sea, it will evaporate again. And so the water cycle starts all over again.


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