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Black Lives Matter

At Parsons Down we believe it is every persons responsibility to ensure that they are aware of language and behaviour that are offensive or harmful to others. We are proud of our diversity as a community and support our children and families from black and ethnic minorities to feel safe and valued.

We recognise that being anti racist requires people to have a good understanding of the experiences of BAME people. We also recognise that some of our BAME families still face racist discrimination in their daily lives and we stand by them to ensure that they are able to access support.


Your children may have heard a lot in the media recently about Black Lives Matter and anti-racism. We have put together a range of resources and ideas that we believe will help parents to approach this conversation with their children. Please click on the links below.



Embrace Race - where to find diverse children's books

The Guardian - anti-racist books for all children and teens

British Red Cross - Talking With Children About Race And Racism


Thatcham Baptist Church Assembly


Teaching Tolerance

Talking About Race

Parenting and Media


Not-racist vs Anti-racist - What's The Difference?

The Rosa Parks Story

The Life and Work of Harriet Tubman

Learn together. Grow together. Succeed together.
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