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Family Support

"Parenting can be a challenge at times and it can often be difficult managing home and school life. We are here to offer practical advice and support throughout the school term. Based in a private office within school, I work with families and children across the Parsons Down Partnership. You can access family support by email, phone call or coming into one of the school offices. We can also arrange to visit you at home. Our aim is to ensure that families and children are well supported, enabling children to achieve their potential.

I support children in lots of different ways, working with them either on a 1:1 basis or in a group setting. I can provide support for children and families with issues varying from transition between class and year groups to family issues, including bereavement and parental separation. I work alongside many other local agencies and am able to signpost on or make referrals to further support you might need.

We offer various additional courses both at the school and at other local sites. Previous courses have included sleep workshops, The Incredible Years (a practical and supportive parenting course for parents/carers) and Time out for Special Needs (a course specifically for parents/carers who are parenting children with additional needs). Please keep an eye out in the newsletters for any upcoming courses."

Amy (Our Family Support Worker)

Amy works closely with our SEN,D Coordinator, Ms Street, to create the best outcome for all children at our Partnership.


To get in touch with Amy please use the following contact details:

Telephone – 01635 866700

Email – 

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