Vision, Values and Aims

About Our Schools

The Parsons Down Partnership Of Schools is situated in Thatcham on the eastern side of Newbury.

Our Partnership is made up of an Infant School and a Junior School. Our Infant and Junior Schools work closely together for the benefit of our children and families.
What We Aim To Achieve


The children we help to learn are bright and enthusiastic. We aim to inspire them to enquire, question and improve their knowledge. Our understanding of learning means that we have high expectations about what children should learn and achieve. We understand that the partnership, with parents, is key to enabling all children to reach their full potential.


At the Parsons Down Partnership, our shared definition of learning is:

The process of gaining knowledge or skills by discovering, practising or experiencing something that enriches our understanding of the world.

Our Core Framework


At Parsons Down, we share a Core Framework: a vision, mission and core values which we believe will enable us to achieve our goals and aspirations for the future.

Our Vision: Inspiring Excellence


Every child can achieve within our schools and we encourage everybody to be the best they can be. Every individual has a different talent and our job is to encourage and recognise this.

Our Mission Statement: Making A Difference Together


Every child, parent and member of staff is an important part of the team at Parsons Down. By working together our partnership is strengthened. We have a culture of high expectations for all of the school community and we sustain this through an ethos of mutual trust and respect and by working with pupils and their families.

Our Core Values: Challenge, Enjoyment, Pride, Respect And Safety


Our core values are our Partnership's set of guiding principles and they act as a standard against which we compare our practice, behaviour and attitude. These five elements are the basis for all of our activity and effort at Parsons Down.