Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards

Roles and Responsibilities

At Parsons Down Partnership, the children are given the opportunity to take on responsibilities within school. There are a number of roles that the children can put themselves forward for. Volunteers are then either selected by the appropriate member of staff or by a class vote.

School Councillors - School councillors meet regularly, with a member of staff, to discuss ways they would like to improve school.

Junior School House Captains - Children are split between four houses at Parsons Down Junior School: Beacon, Coombe, Ridgeway and Watership. They receive house points by earning Learning Gems and competing at Sports Day. We have 2 Upper School House Captains for each house. 

Eco-Committee - At Parsons Down Partnership, we are taking part in the Eco-Schools programme. Eco-Schools is a worldwide educational programme designed to raise environmental awareness amongst young people. Our committee is changed annually, with 1 child representative and 1 deputy from each class chosen.

Energy Monitors - These children are selected in classes and are responsible for making sure lights and electronic equipment are turned off when not needed.

Litter Monitors - 2 monitors are chosen per class. Their job is to litter pick in the playground and on the field at lunchtime.

Junior School Monitors -  We have various Year 6 Monitors at our Junior School who help with the day-to-day running of the School: ICT/Assembly Monitors run Powerpoints in assembly; Learner of the Week Monitors hand out blank Learner of the Week certificates to teachers and put up posters in classrooms; Recycling Monitors empty the paper bins at the Junior School and make sure the school environment is clean and tidy; Golden Time Monitors are responsible for photocopying the Golden Time sign up sheets and handing them out to each class. 

Year 6 School Librarians - These children help to check in books and keep the library in order. 

Real PE Leaders - These are Year 5/6 children who have been selected to support sporting activities across the Partnership. They also lead games at lunchtime. 


Children across the Partnership are given various awards for exceptional work as well as rewards for good behaviour.


Merit Marks - At the Junior School, Merit Marks are given for exceptional work or for standing out at lunchtime as being particularly well behaved. The children are given Merit Mark cards. When these are completed, children are rewarded with badges which progress from bronze badge to amethyst star.

Learning Gems - Learning Gems are given to children who display positive behaviour and learning skills throughout their day at school. We use 6 gems across the Partnership - Diamond (for solving problems); Emerald (for attempting new challenges); Sapphire (for coping with distractions); Amethyst (for working as part of a group); Ruby (for being kind/caring for our environment) and Topaz (for sharing ideas and valuing yourself and others). Learning Gems go towards house points at the Junior School and the winning house is revealed in assembly on a Friday. The house with the most gems at the end of term is also rewarded with a non-uniform day.

Learners Of The Week - Every week, children from each year group are chosen by their teachers as Learners Of The Week. These children are those that have stood out as being particularly hard working and well behaved in class.

Roll of Honour - Every week, Mrs Bull chooses a pupil or group of pupils from the Learners of the Week who have been exceptional in their learning. Each year group and staff have a chance to say who they think has gone the extra mile. The chosen pupil or pupils are announced in Friday's celebration assembly and their names go on the Roll of Honour board.

Improvers Awards - Improvers Awards are given termly to children who have made particular progress in school that term.

Attendance Awards - Attendance awards are given out each week in assembly to the classes with the best attendance. At the Infant School they are presented with the Attendance Cup and at the Junior School they are presented with the Herons Cup.

Governors' Awards for Excellence - Each term, children across the Partnership are nominated for the Governors' Awards for Excellence in specific subjects. The winners, selected by the PDP Governors, are then presented with their awards in assembly.

Junior School Star Citizen Award - The Star Citizen Award is presented each term in the end of term assembly at the Junior School. It is awarded to children who have gone above and beyond to be a good citizen, either within or outside school. 

Art, Drama and Sports Trophies - At our Junior School, trophies are handed out at the end of the Summer Term to children who have excelled in art, drama or sport throughout the academic year.

Golden Time and Partnership Play -  On Friday afternoons, the children are given a choice of Golden Time activities. These include classroom based discos, watching films and playing board games. In addition, each half term, children are allowed to take part in Partnership Play. Children from the Infants and the Juniors are rewarded with 40 minutes play at the same time and are able to access the whole of our outdoor space.

*Please note that, due to Covid-19, some of these activities are not taking place or have changed slightly.