Newbury Weekly News Article
Newbury Weekly News Article

25th February 2021

Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Eco-Schools Bronze Award


Parsons Down have now been awarded our Green Flag, making us an official Eco-School!


Eco-Schools is a global environmental programme with 19.5 million children - across 67 countries - taking part. It is a pupil led programme, run by an Eco-Committee comprised of children, teachers, support staff, governors and parents. There are ten Eco-Schools topics for the Eco-Committee to consider:



Global Citizenship

Healthy Living



School Grounds




This year, we are focusing on Energy, Litter, School Grounds, Waste and Water.


To find out more about our eco achievements, please read our blog posts towards the bottom of the page.


Our Eco-Committee 2020-21

Our pupil Eco-Committee members are: Elsie B (Giraffe Class), Brooke A (Kingfisher Class), Alistair A (Woodpecker Class), Kit J (Elk Class), Eva S (Sabre Class), Chiara T (Badger Class), George D (Hedgehog Class), Olivia B (Coyote Class), Tom C (Jaguar Class), Josh Brian (Wolf Class), Daniel L (Eagle Class) and Thomas B (Raccoon Class).

Our Deputy Eco-Committee members are: Kyla C (Giraffe), Thomas H (Kingfisher), Cassie R (Woodpecker), Ruby D (Elk), Lauren S (Sabre), Freddie T (Badger), Lily-Ella B (Hedgehog), Eva B (Coyote), Grace P (Jaguar), James H (Wolf), Zuzia G (Eagle) and Logan W (Raccoon).


Eco-Code - Summer 2019-20

Green Flag Award - Summer 2019-20

Green Flag Letter - Summer 2019-20

Environmental Review - Autumn 2020-22

Environmental Review Notes - Autumn 2020-22

Action Plan 2020-22


Class Ideas For Action Plan

Giraffe Class

Kingfisher Class

Woodpecker Class

Elk Class

Sabre Class

Badger Class

Hedgehog Class

Coyote Class

Jaguar Class

Wolf Class

Eagle Class

Raccoon Class

Topic Actions

Energy - Classroom Switch Off Posters

Waste - Classroom Pen and Crisp Packet recycling boxes

Eco-Committee Meetings

Assembly PowerPoint - 23rd June 2021

23rd June 2021 - Minutes

5th May 2021 - Minutes

Assembly PowerPoint - 17th March 2021

17th March 2021 - Minutes

Assembly PowerPoint - 10th February 2021

10th February 2021 - Minutes

Assembly PowerPoint - 20th January 2021

20th January 2021 - Minutes

Assembly PowerPoint - 9th December 2020

9th December 2020 - Minutes

11th November 2020 - Minutes

14th October 2020 - Minutes

Informing and Involving

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Lockdown Learning

Eco Project - Spring 2021


Please let us know if you would like to help or contribute in any way to our Eco-Schools work. If you have any suggestions that you would like to share, please contact our Eco-Coordinator directly:

Take a look at our Eco-Schools From Home page to see what the children achieved during lockdown.