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Parsons Down Partnership takes part in Eco-Schools - a global environmental programme with 19.5 million involved. It is a pupil led programme, run by an Eco-Committee comprised of children and staff. There are ten Eco-Schools topics for the Eco-Committee to consider:



Global Citizenship

Healthy Living



School Grounds




In 2022-23, we chose Biodiversity, Marine and Transport as our Eco-Schools topics.


To find out more about our eco achievements, please read our blog posts towards the bottom of the page.


Our Eco-Committee 2022-23

Our pupil Eco-Committee members are: Lottie C (Zebra Class), Oscar B (Kingfisher Class), Victoria B (Woodpecker Class), Kyla C (Elk Class), Owen P (Badger Class), Iris C (Hedgehog Class), Felicity R (Jaguar Class), Eva S (Wolf Class), Isla R (Eagle Class) and Shreyash P (Raccoon Class).

Our Deputy Eco-Committee members are: Oscar C (Zebra Class), Amelia B (Kingfisher Class), Marley W (Woodpecker Class), Kate M (Elk Class), Charlie S (Badger Class), Ruby-Leigh S (Hedgehog Class), Archie A (Jaguar Class), Layla H (Wolf Class), Alfie T (Eagle Class) and Chiara T (Raccoon Class).

Eco-Committee Meetings

8th June 2023 - Minutes

18th May 2023 - Minutes

4th May 2023 - Minutes

27th April 2023 - Minutes

23rd March 2023 - Minutes

9th March 2023 - Minutes

26th January 2023 - Plastic Free Schools Meeting - Objective 2

29th November 2022 - Plastic Free Schools Meeting - Objective 1

8th November 2022 - Minutes

1st November 2022 - Minutes

11th October 2022 - Minutes

20th September 2022 - Minutes


Environmental Review - 2022-23

Action Plan - 2022-23

Eco-Code 2023

Eco Action Suggestions

Class, Staff and Parent/Carer Ideas For Action Plan

Informing and Involving



Parents' Evening

(Also, please see blog posts.)


School Newsletter - 17/03/23

School Newsletter - 03/03/23

Pollinators Assembly

Pollinators Quiz

Biodiversity Day Letter

Hedgehogs Assembly

Biodiversity Day Assembly

Newbury Weekly News article on Biodiversity Day

Top 10 Actions to Help Wildlife At Home


School Newsletter - 27/01/23

Microplastics Assembly

Letter to Laura Farris (MP for Newbury)

Our email to Kelloggs', Go Ahead and Fruity Packs

Class Ideas on what 3 single-use plastics to ban - Badger Class


School Newsletter - 18/11/22

Walk To School Week Homework

Walk To School Week Assembly

Walk To School Week Assembly - shared media

Air Quality Assembly - delivered by Public Protection Partnership Schools Engagement Project

Monitoring and Evaluation


Top 10 Actions to Help Wildlife At Home


Trash Mob Tally

Brands litter tally

Reply From Laura Farris

Reply from Kelloggs'

Reply from Go Ahead

Lunchbox Spot-check - before

Lunchbox Spot-check - after


Walk To School Week Homework

Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links 22-23


Please let us know if you would like to help or contribute in any way to our Eco-Schools work. If you have any suggestions that you would like to share, please contact our Eco-Coordinator directly:


Learn together. Grow together. Succeed together.
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