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SCIENCE! Don't be put off! No science background is needed to access these fun and easy activities. All is explained in an easy to understand, straight forward way. No special equipment necessary. Your home is your science lab, full of everyday items ready to carry out these amazing activities and experiments. Go on, give them a go and have some fun learning! 


Forces and Magnets

Balloon Car Racers

Leak Proof Bag

Magnetic Fishing

Magnetic Scavenger Hunt

Make a Parachute

Rubber Band Cannons



Build a Boat

Giant Bubbles

Invisible Ink

Lava Lamp

Materials Treasure Hunt

Rainbow Walking Water

Spaghetti Towers



Design a Fantasy Planet

Fun with the Solar System

Mobile Solar System

Model of the Earth


Animals and the Environment


Bird Song

Design a Fantasy Animal

Make a Bird Feeder

Messy Area in Garden

Minibeast Hunt

Sound Garden Hunt

Water Cycle in a Bag



Bird in a Cage



Making a Lung

The Mystery Box

Light and Sound

Get Musical

Hand Shadows

Make a Telephone

Making a Shadow Puppet Play

Rainbow Colours

Ray of Light

Seeing Sound


Energy Detective

Energy Saving House and Garden

Make a Solar Oven

Make a Sundial

Rainbow for Recycling

Here are a few more science activities from the Canal and River Trust for you to try:

Building Bridges



Canal and River Habitats

Learn together. Grow together. Succeed together.
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