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The Government requests that certain information is available on a school's website. Some of these details are easy to find in other areas of the website, some are grouped together here for ease.

Financial Information

Financial Transparency

As part of the financial transparency regulations, the DfE have included two reporting requirements for maintained schools.

1.  Benchmarking 

Local Authority maintained schools are required to publish a link to the schools financial benchmarking website, where the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) statement of income, expenditure and balances is published.  Please find below a link to the webpage which is dedicated to our school for Financial Benchmarking purposes:

2.  Individuals earning over £100,000

All Local Authority maintained schools are required to publish on their websites the number of individuals (if any) earning over £100,000 in £10k bandings.

There are no individuals earning over £100,000 employed by Parsons Down Partnership of Schools. 

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