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Eco Assembly

KS2 - Harvest Assembly and Eco-Schools Launch

This week, we formally launched the Eco-Schools programme at Parsons Down Junior School in a special assembly (the Infant School assembly launch was last Friday). In the Key Stage 2 assembly, Mrs Bull talked about Harvest Festival, thanking the children for their generous donations to West Berkshire Food Bank.

The topic then turned to responsible farming, deforestation and the use of unsustainable palm oil. Mrs Bull asked the children lots of questions about the environment and the positive and negative impacts of farming. The children really know their stuff and gave some very informed and comprehensive answers. It was a pleasure to see them so engaged and passionate about the environment.

The assembly finished with an introduction to Eco-Schools and to our Eco-Committee. Those chosen to be on the committee looked so proud to be given their badges! Well done to all the children across the Partnership who have been selected to sit on the Eco-Committee.


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