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Eco-Schools Update

At our latest Eco-Schools meeting, the Eco-Committee went through our Environmental Review. Each section had been completed by a different class. We learned a lot about the things we are doing well as a school as well as the things we could improve on.

The Committee chose the following 3 topics to cover this academic year: Energy, Marine and School Grounds.

We chose Energy because this is a topic we worked on a few years ago but we feel that we need a refresh. We chose Marine because we want to embed the work we started last year. We chose School Grounds because many of the children said that they wanted to plant trees and grow more plants when filling out their eco profiles. This will also fit in really well with the outdoor development we have planned for this year.

Our next step is to think of actions we could take on these topics. The children will be coming up with ideas in their next class eco assembly on Tuesday.


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