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National Poetry Day 2023

Thursday 5th October was National Poetry Day. This year the theme was Refuge. Mrs Hayward took on the challenge of creating a shared poem with all pupils. What a talented bunch of poets we have.

Here is the link to the poem we based our ideas on thinking of what refuge means as a place of safety:

Parsons Down Shared Poem – Refuge

Feeling anxious or sad, go to your bedroom and have some time alone.

If your feeling worried or stressed, go to the place that you know best. And let go of the mess. Take a deep breath,

And Think of a colour that you like.

If your feeling cold – hearted and miserable, count to ten. Cuddle your teddies, and now you’re happy again!

When we go to the park, going on the slides makes us feel good. Restaurants make us feel happy – having conversations with family and friends.

Trampoline park and bouncing, making a den to play and feel safe in. Going in the sea and exploring makes me happy. Thinking of animals like penguins.

Being pushed on the swing so I laugh with delight. The funny feeling in my stomach as I am pushed up up up high in the sky makes me feel so happy.

What makes you feel happy and safe?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.


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