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Sowing A Wildflower Meadow At Rivar

On Thursday 17th March we went to RIVAR to help them plant their new wild flower meadow. We planted eleven types of seeds and then we raked the soil to bury the seeds. We looked at some pictures of what the flowers will look like when they grow and matched the pictures to the names of the flowers. When the flowers have grown, they will attract bees, butterflies, ladybirds and spiders.

We had a drink and a biscuit and then we filled up bird feeders with peanuts. Next, we made our own bird feeders by recycling plastic bottles and we filled them with bird seed. We stuck pencils in the sides for the birds to sit on and hung them in the trees. At the end of the morning, we weighed our group on the weighing bridge. We can’t wait to see what the wild flower meadow looks like in the summer once the seeds have grown!

Ella and Harrison



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