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Thatcham Repair Cafe

Do you have items which need repairing? Why not take them to the Repair Cafe, where volunteers will help to repair them for free (if the repair is feasible) and you can enjoy a cuppa while you wait. Help to reduce waste and prolong the life of your item so you don't need to replace it. At their last event they saved about 95kg of waste!

Volunteers are offering to repair electronic and electrical items, clothing and textiles, small items of furniture and wooden objects, and other general household and garden items. Secateurs, knife and scissor sharpening are on offer plus mobile phone and IT advice/troubleshooting. Repairs are free, but donations are very welcome to enable future events to be held.

Last items can be brought in for repair 30 minutes before the end of the event.

Please bring 1 item only. A single person should be able to carry this item (no fridges for example)! If you have several items that need repairing, please bring in your most important item. The item should be clean e.g. crumbs removed from toasters, vacuum cleaners emptied and clothing washed and ironed (if applicable). For electrical and electronic items, please bring the lead/charger/batteries with you, and for clothing, please bring any buttons or zips etc which need replacing.

If you are unsure about whether an item is suitable for us to repair, please email the Repair Cafe at


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