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Ocean Protectors Day

Today was our Ocean Protectors Day. Everyone came to school dressed in blue and donated money to the Marine Conservation Society.

We started off the day with a special assembly led by Sam Carpenter from Plastic Free Thatcham and Eco Friends. Sam explained how litter that is dropped can get into the ocean via drains and rivers. She also talked about how reducing the amount of single-use plastic we buy can make a big difference.

After assembly, the children took part in various marine themed activities in class, including creative writing and crafts. Each class was also given a cardboard template to work on which will go towards making a display board in the hall.

The children also had a special fish themed lunch.

We would like to encourage as many families as possible to take part in The Big Plastic Count from 11th to 17th March. Full details can be found by clicking on the link below:


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