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Rhos Day 5 😍

I can't believe we're on day 5 already. Time certainly flies when you're having fun 🤩 I've included a few more photos today as we appreciate Sunday probably feels a lifetime ago.

The groups rotate around activities and today Mrs Hayward and Mrs Smith explored the mine. It's a different mine to our usual visit and more challenging but all of the groups have risen to the challenge and should feel proud,

Mrs Freeborn's group canoed across Lake Bala in the morning and then fuelled by toasted marshmallows and tribal paint braved the local gorge in the afternoon.

Finally, Mrs Neumann and Mrs Tucker's group tried paddleboarding on Lake Bala and then honed their climbing skills on the via ferrata at the centre.

ps I'm very sorry for the issue with the Blog tonight. Everyone at Rhos is fine but I've had some significant technical challenges.


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