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Rhos Y Gwaliau Day 6

Today was the last full day of activities for the children 😔 Staff have been so impressed with the children this week. They really have done you all proud. Phrases such as, "They've been a delight" have frequently been reported back 🤩

The day began with a mini assembly and staff shared the sad news of the Queen's death yesterday. There was an opportunity to talk and share ideas and staff were impressed by the children's maturity and level of respect.

Today's activity was perhaps their greatest challenge and very tricky to represent in photos (they are all safe and well i promise) Children were given maps and had to navigate their way along a route without the aid of centre staff or Parsons Down staff. They kept their distance and tracked from afar. They all made it to the meeting point and once again more evidence of what a fantastic group they've been.

They're now all getting ready for their final night, disco and shop night! 🥳💃🏻🕺🏻Always a last night highlight.

Tomorrow morning will be final packing, breakfast, making lunch before heading for home. ETA is 3.30 and we'll let you know via text if it's going to be much earlier or later. The playground will be open for parking and we'd appreciate your help, once again, getting cases of the coach (soggy, dirty clothes are very heavy 😉🤣)

I know the children can't wait to share their Rhos adventure with you all ❤️


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